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Industry trends are shifting from mainly tactical promotions to more strategic marketing services and becoming wholly integrated and multi-disciplinary. Integrated marketing communications has become one of the most effective and efficient uses of marketing resources.

Mission Statement

To advocate industry standards for honest, effective Integrated Marketing Communications campaigns, high professional standards and awareness of the contribution of Integrated Marketing Communications in a free market economy.

To provide a forum for discussion and establish opportunities for cross-border research and promotion to improve results through the entire Integrated Marketing Communications process.



is to promote the use of integrated marketing communications and turn the various threats and issues facing the industry into future opportunities.


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62 winners announced for the 2019 IMC European Awards

Brussels, 9 December 2019: 62 winners have been selected in this year’s IMC European Awards for Integrated Marketing Communications, representing 24 agencies from 7 countries. Ireland took the lead with 24 trophies, followed by Czech Republic with 17 trophies, United Kingdom with 12, Italy with 4, and Austria and Spain with 3 each.

IMCC Chairman, Peter Kerr said, ‘Once again our awards have attracted exceptional work from across Europe and across a wide variety of industry sectors. Leading to a quite brilliantly innovative Grand Prix winner. As always the judging process supported by professionals throughout Europe was rigorous and we are grateful to our panel judges and IMC Board for the time they have once again given so freely.’





Call for Entries

 4 May to 31 July

Round 1 Judging 

 10 August - 4 September

Final Round Judging


Winners Announced   



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