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Judging Criteria


Judges will vote on 4 criteria:

Choice of media
Creative Strategy
Effectiveness (Evidence of Results)



The entry briefs are scored on a 1-25 scale per criterion (1 = not effective, 25 = excellent). 100 is the maximum score.

Scoring is based on each campaign's success in achieving its specific objectives and demonstrating a strong strategy and use of marketing communications.

Each entry is reviewed by a minimum of 10 jury members. The Jury Chair  may review a jury member’s scoring which is consistently high, low, or deviates significantly from the average for a specific entry.

Once all entries have been scored the Jury Chair then recommends winners to the IMCC Europe Board who determines which entries are winners.

No entry scoring less than an average of 70 can be considered as a winning entry.

The minimum score for a campaign to be eligible for a Bronze Award is 70, 77 for Silver, and 85 for Gold.

Setting a minimum score level to be eligible for a Gold, Silver and a Bronze award is important to maintain the value of the award. By establishing a minimum score level, clients and agencies alike are aware that when they receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze award, the effectiveness of their work has truly been outstanding. Gold winners are aware that their campaigns have truly met the highest standards.

If two campaigns receive the same score, and their score is high enough to receive an award in that category, they receive the same level of award.

The Grand Prix Award can only be awarded by the Chairperson and IMCC Europe Board for a campaign which has stood out and provided the ‘Wow’ factor. The Chair of the Jury and IMCC Europe Board may choose not to award a Grand Prix. The Grand Prix Award is sponsored by WARC.