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Campaigns entered into the IMC European Awards should be the highest winning campaign in any national category. If there is no Gold winner, then the Silver winner should be considered and if no Silver, then the selection passes to Bronze. The eligible judged campaign must initially be entered into the same European category as it was in the national competition and only in case there is no equivalent, is allowed to enter in the closest related category. The campaign may then also be entered in multiple categories but must be written appropriately each time to reflect the category’s particular emphasis (see ‘emphasis note’ below each category description’). Member countries are Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom.
Agencies are responsible for registering and uploading their case(s) but must have the approval of the country organisation.
Advertising companies and agencies may enter more than one campaign.
Campaigns must have run in one IMCC member country between 1 January and 31 December 2017.
An ‘entry’ means one case with one choice of category. Should you enter the same case in three categories, this represents three entries and therefore three entry fees. For more information, please see "Entry Fees & Payment".
Every entry is liable to pay an entry fee. Should the entry fee not be paid by 6 July 2018 the case will automatically be disqualified. Entries can be paid by credit card or by bank transfer.
Case description is limited to a word count of 1100 words split into:

  • a. Campaign Background & Summary (200 words)
  • b. Description of National Context (200 words)
  • c. Objectives (100 words)
  • d. Strategy (300 words)
  • e. Creative Strategy (300 words)

Plus: A maximum of 5 pages of results (data proving achievement against objectives) is allowed and can be accompanied by key visuals explaining creative strategy/execution.

In order for the judges to understand your market situation and the national context of the campaign please make sure you give as much information as possible.
Each entry should be submitted in English. All creative material must be translated into English.
Any campaign can be submitted and all disciplines are welcome.
The length of the submission is limited by the entry form format. This includes charts, statistics, tables and illustrations of the campaign itself. Evidence of Results must be submitted as an attachment in PDF format.
Any agency failing to submit evidence of results for its entered campaign(s) will receive 0 points for Effectiveness by the judges.
Evidence of Results data must be referenced and entries can be disqualified if the data source is not cited. It is possible to enter indexed figures to avoid revealing sensitive data.
The creative material must be uploaded in low resolution.
Entrants are required to complete & submit their entry by 3 pm (15h00) CET on Friday, 6 July 2018.